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☆ミ 「Honey Vaniity」
30 October 2013 @ 12:21 am
Hello everybody this is a fan fiction journal I've made to keep up with everything.

About Miss Яiot!
.•° ______ the scream of insomnia!

I tend to bounce around between outgoing, painfully shy and anti-social.
I don't tend to write very much what I do try to take pride in what I 
accomplish. I'm studying to be a translator so sometimes that takes
up my free time. Actually, it takes up my free time a lot. I'm learning
Japanese and Chinese and next yeah I'm going to begin Korean.
It actually isn't that hard for me to learn more than one language
at once, it just requires my attention.

Most of the stories I write won't be friends locked but some of them 
will be.

______.•° don't come near me!
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☆ミ 「Honey Vaniity」
26 May 2008 @ 02:06 pm

I have no summer vacation this year. -Gag- However the lot of my classes are completed in about three weeks.

When those classes let out, unless I find the time before, will be when I update Barricade. Until then it's placed on hold.

☆ミ 「Honey Vaniity」
Title: バリケード -Barricade-
Author: honey_vaniity
Length: Prologue/??
Rating: PG-R
Pairing: YunJae, slight/hinted YooSuMin
Synopsis: Set in the time of Jaejoong's adoption scandal?  ;.; I can't think of a real summary yet!
A/N: This is something that I'm putting a lot of effort into, I would like to know what people think wether it be good or bad. I might friends lock the actual chapters.

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☆ミ 「Honey Vaniity」
21 March 2008 @ 06:34 pm

Love Scream Show

Japanese Rock, Visual Kei style.
Featuring the bands: the GazettE, the original AnCafe, D, Nightmare
Featuring the pairings: Reita/Ruki [Main] Aoi/Bou [side/hinted] Asagi/Sakito [side/hinted]
Rated: R
Genre: Drama, angst, crack-ish, fluff
Warnings: Mention of; psychical and mental abuse, rape, pedophilia, underage sex, murder, character death, points of extreme angst, drama. Male/Male relationships.
Note: I do not fluently understand Japanese, there for the present language in this fiction aside from names/titles will be English.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except my socks.
Synopsis: Reflected in his eyes there was nothing, absentmindedly I wondered if Akira had the will to go on at all... Their little group is broken in every sense of the word. But that group managed to form a dysfunctional little family. Alone the boys probably would have gone on as a marionette with no point of it's creation at all, however as a group they managed to convince eachother it was worth waking up to watch the sun rise at least once more.


Dedication: chibi_ruki! She’s such a sweet person and I love her writing. When I found out her writing was being sparked onto a hiatus for a while it made me sad, however the result was my being inspired to break away from my own hiatus. Trust me I’m not easy to inspire in the least.




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