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23 September 1988
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___☆.•° Hello, my name is Honey or Kit if it suits you.
I am not completely legal yet, IE I'm under 21...
I'm terrible with coding so I'm sorry for lack of
prettifulness but I think the boringness might suit me.

This is mostly going to be a fan fiction journal,
if I can manage it as such. Recently I've just come from a
two year hiatus. However this journal will also include
more personal entries nothing extremely major when I need
to vent that'd go in private locked but if my ramblings
bother you (they stay friends locked) just don't read them.


Stalk me at;
☆.•°LAST.FM - HoneyVaniity

Currently loving:

Jrock; Visual Kei ☆.•° Oshare Kei
the GazettE ☆.•° alice nine. ☆.•° ナイトメア ☆.•° 少女-ロリヰタ-23区 ☆.•° SuG

Jrockers; Asagi (D) ☆.•° Reita (the GazettE) ☆.•° Takeru (SuG) ☆.•° Sakito (ナイトメア)

___☆.•° I'm a fan of several Japanese Rock bands however overly rabid fangirls scare me. Joking around is light hearted and fun sometimes but obsession is a frightening thing, please don't do it at me. ☆.•°

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